Crochet Soap Saver


There’s an untold amount of pleasure experienced by using up all the last bits of something old and getting to use something new. In this case, it’s a bar of soap. I love using bar soap in the bath and shower, and I usually like to get a different type of scent each time I go to buy a new bar. I love cutting my own at my local health and herb shop. I get to smell and touch the soap before purchasing, which is also underrated.

These tiny pieces are difficult to wash with and often get lost in a bathtub. I knew that soap savers existed, but didn’t think it was necessary until this last go around. There are hoards of patterns to be found online. The one I used can be found free of charge here.

Mine did not end up looking like the one pictured, but it will do the job. It can also double as your regular shower scrubby.  I haven’t crocheted in a long time as I have been enjoying knitting more. This was done with 100% USA grown cotton, which is what makes sense for a shower tool.


I can hang it on my ring in the shower to let it dry between uses. I didn’t make it very big because I didn’t want to put a whole piece of soap in there, just scraps.

It honestly took me about an hour to make, and like I said, I am out of practice.

Give it a try if you like, or if you are really interested, leave me a comment and we could arrange something.

Peace and love,


Bathroom Essentials

I enjoy being a voyeur into other people’s private lives (when they are sharing it willingly!) so I thought I would return the favor. I also absolutely love bath time. Yes, that’s right. I am a grown woman who mostly takes baths instead of showers.

This is what I would use just for hygiene. This does not include my after bath routine like oils and other accoutrement. 

All laid out on the caddy I sloppily custom built. 🙂

I have a couple washcloths that I knit which are perfect for my water-only face washing. They are a Purl Bee pattern called the Close Knit Washcloth. I have a couple crocheted facial rounds that I would use for removing eye makeup, which I rarely wear, or mostly for touching up my lipstick. I use a compostable toothbrush and a gum stimulator for my teeth. The small glass jar holds my baking soda mixed with a bit of peppermint essential oil for teeth brushing. The green bottle is diluted apple cider vinegar for a divine hair rinse. I still have a shampoo bar that has lasted me a long time because I rarely wash my hair with soap, instead employing water-only and a boar bristle hair brush. 

Our tub is big, deep, and old. Perfect for me!

Next are a few body brushes and a sponge for proper sudsing up on my rough patches. My feet are chronically cracked (from gardening I presume) so I must keep a pumice stone handy. I love that this one has a string attached to it. The brown pump bottle is plastic and once upon a time was filled with a local soap. I covered it in some paper and have the last of my liquid body soap left in there which also has lasted me an unnatural amount of time. 

I also have that ubiquitous razor from Merkur as well as a pot I threw that I keep around for mixing clay or honey masks.

So there’s a sneak peek into my hygienic routine and products. Really when I think about it, it’s mostly baking soda and soap that I use nowadays thanks to hours of reading other blogs and suggestions on low waste self care.

Peace and love,