Pumpkin Cauliflower Dahl

I recently picked up some yellow lentils grown in the northwest US and I was super excited to use them. I have used yellow split peas and definitely many other types of lentils, but never these light golden delicious discs.

Using up what I have has been something I’ve been focusing on lately so I can prevent food waste as well as get creative and not be afraid of failure (a huge obstacle for me).

Onions and garlic were sautéed with organic canola oil then I tossed in some spices of coriander, fenugreek, cumin, and I also added the curry paste I had made a while back.

Lentils were added as well as about 1.5 cups of puréed pumpkin leftover from pumpkin pie making, then quite a bit of water. I enjoy bouillon over plain water so in went some of my homemade bouillon. After that simmered for a while I added a few frozen chiles from my garden.

Last, I added romanesco cauliflower because I didn’t want it to turn out soft and mushy.

I didn’t make rice, so I enjoyed this by itself, but topped with Idaho-made yogurt and cilantro. My favorite! This was easy and delicious. It’s also healthy and easily vegan if you don’t add yogurt to the top.

Peace and love,