Reuse: Newspaper Bin Liner / Package

I’m not convinced this serves the purpose of a trash bin liner very well. The newspaper size would need to be much bigger if it were to work in a functional way. However, I did use my first attempt at this with a smaller paper as a sort of package to tote my extra pens to school instead of keeping at home. I like the idea of this as a sort of street food package or burger or potato chip holders at a barbecue or even popcorn for a movie night.

Here are the steps to making one:

Layer 2 – 4 pieces of newspaper together.

Fold up one corner the way one would to find a perfect square, but keep it in a triangle shape.

Cut off the rectangle of excess.

Fold the bottom corner up to meet the top left corner.

Repeat on other side with the right corner to meet the top left corner. Crease.

Unfold those last two folds. Take the bottom corner to meet the crease made by the right corner when it met the left corner.

Repeat with the right corner to meet the new crease created by the previous fold.

Separate the 2 or 3 or 4 layers of newspaper you used and fold over the top. Crease.

Flip it over and repeat on the other side.

Open it up and place into a bin!

I think this still could work as a trash can liner if you are living a low waste lifestyle and therefore do not put wet items into the trash, and recycle anything that can be recycled. Or make one just for fun to try it out!

Peace and love,


Bento Bag DIY


Those days you need a flexible carrier for food, a project, or a gift, a bento bag is a perfect fit!

Next time, I’d like to make a larger size, but this one works for carrying slices of sourdough bread and apples to work with me; basically any odd shaped item that would not fit into a rigid container.


The tutorial can be found here.

I used the medium size bag listed, which was 9 inches by 27 inches.

I cut my 2 pieces of cloth together. I used linen and a cotton gingham, which immediately brings to mind a lovely summer picnic whenever I see it.

This tutorial didn’t take long at all and is as straightforward as they come.


I can see this being used for all sorts of wonderful things in the future.

Peace and love,