Field Trip Lunch: no refrigerator / heat, plant based

We took our Kindergarteners on a field trip to a science discovery museum last week. It was amazing and so much fun for them!

Fortunately for our kids, school provides sack lunches during field trips. Being a vegetarian, I knew I wouldn’t want one and would need to pack my lunch that didn’t need refrigerating, nor would require heating up.

I made egg salad fixings with boiled eggs, homemade mayonnaise, celery, and salt and pepper. On my homemade sourdough sandwich bread, it sat upon a bed of spinach.

Then some cooked lentils were made into a cold salad featuring capers, celery, yogurt, a bit of mayonnaise, cilantro, small sweet peppers, and harissa paste.

I packed some plantain chips purchased in bulk and brought a pear.

Of course I also included a napkin and my travel silverware, as well as my travel coffee mug from Klean Kanteen. This stored nicely in the lunch bag I have from life without plastic, which also insulates due to the wool content.

Plant based, portable, and trash free!

Peace and love,