DIY Vinegar

My love of DIY knows no bounds. I feel I must try everything once, and if it calls to me, I keep it in my rotations.

Apple picking is a yearly tradition for me and sometimes my family. The main thing I make is applesauce. I’ve been reading so many blogs and fermentation books, and have come across homemade vinegar from apple scraps. Clearly, I had plenty of apple scraps so I stuck them in a clean glass jar.

I filled the jar with filtered water and mixed in approximately 2 – 3 Tablespoons of sugar. I placed this little diy linen hat I made for my sourdough or my ginger bug (not sure of its original intention) and have found plenty of other uses for since then.

I stirred the mixture every time I remembered, which was only about twice daily and saw it become a bit foamy and bubbly. I waited until it was no longer bubbly. Then I strained the mixture, which took a surprising amount of time, then bottled the liquid into my old apple cider vinegar bottle. How appropriate!

I still think I need to strain it again because there is quite a bit of debris in there. However, it does smell like vinegar so I think it worked! I’ll dilute it for my hair rinse in the shower.

Peace and love,