Linen Bowl Cover DIY


This was an attempt at doing away with plastic cling wrap. I actually saw a version of these from Quitokeeto, the shop run by Heidi Swanson of

I didn’t want to pay for them, as my sewing skills are passable, and linen is easy to come by. In fact, I already had linen in my closet waiting to be used.


I used my largest Pyrex bowl as a guide to draw a circle on the linen, making sure I measured 2 inches wider around the entire circumference. Cut 2.

Sew pieces together near the edge with wrong sides facing, leaving ample space for elastic, as well as turning out. I don’t think linen has a wrong side.

Turn outside out. Sew the elastic encasing about 1/2 inch from edge. Use a safety pin to weave 1/4 inch elastic into the encasing through the gap. Cut and sew elastic ends together.

Turn in raw edges at opening, then sew shut.

The green bowl pictured is a medium-sized bowl, and this linen can be used on a range of sizes.

I wanted it to not be thin, so that is why I doubled up on the cloth. I use this for proofing bread, covering up a salad in the refrigerator, traveling food items, and as a shower cap. Just kidding, but it looks just like one.


Peace and love,


Bento Bag DIY


Those days you need a flexible carrier for food, a project, or a gift, a bento bag is a perfect fit!

Next time, I’d like to make a larger size, but this one works for carrying slices of sourdough bread and apples to work with me; basically any odd shaped item that would not fit into a rigid container.


The tutorial can be found here.

I used the medium size bag listed, which was 9 inches by 27 inches.

I cut my 2 pieces of cloth together. I used linen and a cotton gingham, which immediately brings to mind a lovely summer picnic whenever I see it.

This tutorial didn’t take long at all and is as straightforward as they come.


I can see this being used for all sorts of wonderful things in the future.

Peace and love,


Grapefruit / Pomelo Cleaning Vinegar


One of the recent fresh fruit snacks my students received was pomelo! They were delicious and the kids loved them! I decided I would cut or peel them for everyone so I could save the peels to make cleaning vinegar.

All I did was make sure any pulp was removed and placed as many as could fit into a half gallon mason jar. Then white vinegar was poured over. I’ll let it set on the counter for a couple weeks, then strain and bottle to use for an amazing smelling cleaner! Essentially almost free, yet somewhat fancy.

This works with any citrus peel, and the peels will need to be composted after being removed from the vinegar.

Peace and love,


Crochet Soap Saver


There’s an untold amount of pleasure experienced by using up all the last bits of something old and getting to use something new. In this case, it’s a bar of soap. I love using bar soap in the bath and shower, and I usually like to get a different type of scent each time I go to buy a new bar. I love cutting my own at my local health and herb shop. I get to smell and touch the soap before purchasing, which is also underrated.

These tiny pieces are difficult to wash with and often get lost in a bathtub. I knew that soap savers existed, but didn’t think it was necessary until this last go around. There are hoards of patterns to be found online. The one I used can be found free of charge here.

Mine did not end up looking like the one pictured, but it will do the job. It can also double as your regular shower scrubby.  I haven’t crocheted in a long time as I have been enjoying knitting more. This was done with 100% USA grown cotton, which is what makes sense for a shower tool.


I can hang it on my ring in the shower to let it dry between uses. I didn’t make it very big because I didn’t want to put a whole piece of soap in there, just scraps.

It honestly took me about an hour to make, and like I said, I am out of practice.

Give it a try if you like, or if you are really interested, leave me a comment and we could arrange something.

Peace and love,


Yoloha Yoga Mat

My yoga practice has been sporadic for the past 15 years. My mind gets distracted at home, and I rarely like leaving my home to be around strangers in different body positions. However, I’m focusing on being body positive and accepting my body for what it is today, because no matter the shape it takes, it has taken me everywhere and accepted love, taken abuse, and overall is still quite healthy.

That being said, my preferred practice is at home in the quiet, with enough room to spread my 6’1″ wingspan (I’m only 5’8″ so don’t ask me what happened there).

I’ve never truly liked any of my yoga mats. I’ve seen the prices of some nicer ones and thought they’d never be worth it. My old yoga mats now live under rugs, and I wanted to find a mat that wouldn’t end up in the landfill.

I went with cork because it sounded comfortable, yet seemed like it would have some stick. My feet are never sweaty, so I have always had trouble keeping my feet planted during many positions.

The Yoloha Mat is comfortable, and long enough for my heels and my head to be on the mat at the same time. However, it does not have the grip for which I was hoping. BUT I did discover that spraying or wiping it down with water before I start solves this problem! It works amazingly well this way! It would probably work for other types of mats as well and I wish I would have done this sooner.

The mat is definitely worth the price. It’s sustainably made in the USA, 100% recyclable, long, lightweight, portable, and looks attractive.

I see that the same one I purchased is for sale right now for $58 USD if you’re looking for a new mat. 🙂

Peace and love,


Garter Stitch Ear Flap Hat

A pointy elfin hat on babies is nearly too much to handle. I knew I needed to make this hat for a nephew. The pattern is a free one from Purl Soho.

I chose the toddler size for my 10 month old nephew. The yarn was Purl Soho’s pure alpaca and only required one skein.

I didn’t happen to have the right size circular needle so I ended up doing all of it on double-pointed needles and I’m really happy with the result!

Peace and love,


Homemade Play Dough

These are the only ingredients you’ll need to make homemade play dough:

  • Flour – 1 cup
  • Salt – 1/4 cup
  • Cream of Tartar – 2 teaspoons
  • Oil – 1 Tablespoon
  • Natural dye – I used about 1 Tablespoon of beetroot powder
  • Water – 1 cup

I happened to have cream of tartar on hand, but it is possible to find in bulk, and I went with an inexpensive flour to make this due to cost and I was making multiple batches for my classroom.

All ingredients get added to a sauce pan and stirred together until a large clump is formed.

I removed the pan from the heat, then let it cool until I could handle it.

Then I kneaded it by hand until a uniform color and consistency was formed.

This one was gifted to my nephew, but now I am planning on making some green from matcha powder and doubling the next batch to use with my Kindergartners. It’s seriously so much fun!

Play-doh that I’ve bought has always turned dry and crumbly to the point of not being able to use it at all in the classroom, and this is seriously much less expensive than purchasing new play-doh in more plastic tubs.

Peace and love,


David’s Toothpaste

I really didn’t need to try David’s Toothpaste. I was happy with my baking soda and peppermint oil mix. My husband chooses Tom’s of Maine, but had run out and I suggested David’s. Mostly, I was curious. I hadn’t used toothpaste in about a year and also, I enjoy supporting companies that are making better options available.

Here’s how it shipped. I was so pleased there was very little extra packaging and ZERO plastic. Seriously, so tired of companies thinking their sundries are breakable and therefore including so much extra packaging. As you can see, I ordered the 3 pack to save $3, but also so I would save on having to order again and I knew I would use it up, even if I go back to baking soda and peppermint oil when this is through.

As most people mention, the packaging itself is beautiful enough to justify taking up counter space. The color is this beautiful minty-gray that is neither feminine nor masculine, but just exists.

The paste is rather soft, which I don’t mind at all. It is extremely peppermint flavored and makes your mouth feel extra fresh. I don’t think it works any better than baking soda, but sometimes I want to feel more regular and use a paste. I rather enjoy the key situation where you use it to roll the tube. My suggestion is to not use it until necessary as I had a lot of extra product trying to escape when I was first using the paste.

The price is at the level where only if you truly care about what you are putting into your body and what the packaging is made from will you purchase said product. I’m honestly excited to use it for the time being, and am glad I can recycle the packaging locally when it’s depleted.

Have you tried DAVID’S? Do you have a preference on sustainable tooth care?

Peace and love,


Pact Underwear Review

A new goal I’m working towards is buying way less from internet sources, instead choosing to shop locally, mostly from thrift stores if I truly need something.

However, a few months ago, before I resolved to keep my money local, I was in need of new underwear. I like very plain, wearable undies that I won’t notice while I’m living my life; something I don’t have to wrestle with in front of a class full of children.

After plenty of research, I decided to go with Pact because of their organic and fair trade products, as well as their simple, affordable designs.

I bought a few multi-packs in black, beige, maroon and gray, and all in the hipster style because I have preferred that style for many years.

Overall I like them due to their softness and they didn’t change shape after washing them in the regular washing machine and dryer.

There was a bit of unraveling around a seam on one pair, but I decided that must have been a fluke, because the others are holding up great.

I wasn’t as pleased with the plastic included in the shipping package. It seemed unnecessary and excessive. Perhaps it’s possible to ask them to not include it in the box.

I would recommend this company if you are in need of new underwear. I cannot speak to the quality of their bralettes, and that’s a scary obstacle for me as I have larger breasts and some fair brands don’t even make my size. 😦

If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

Peace and love,


Knit Mittens

A gift for an exchange where you won’t know who will be the final recipient of the gift.

Perhaps they are not perfect, but I gained the confidence to make mittens in the round for the future.

These are stitched up the side, and I still think they are adorable and fun. Had I started earlier, I would have attempted to line the mittens with fleece or flannel.

Check out the pattern here or here.

Peace and love,