The Power of Mending

Having a few skills can help one have a feeling of control over one’s own life. I enjoy learning new skills and using skills I have had for most of my life. My mother taught my sisters and me to sew early in our lives. We would choose projects to complete and were challenged to do our best. I still love sewing projects; even the most mundane.

My favorite pair of thrifted jeans burst some pocket seams. I kept putting my phone in there and was surprised when it would end up on the floor. Now that I’m on a week break, I feel I have time to catch up on those little things that make a big difference.

The thread is some my husband had already (he’s a better sewer than me) so it’s not a perfect match, and it’s definitely not a perfect mending job, but now I can put my phone in my pocket and not walk around with raw edges poking out on my backside.

Hopefully this photo doesn’t scare anyone away! I look so moody, but I cannot smile for a camera. I took this wearing said jeans with a Polaroid Land Camera 360 using FUJIFILM FP-3000b film. This was taken when the olive tree was full and before my seams had unraveled.

Peace and love,


Pouring Bowl

My intention for this bowl was for it to be taller, but it’s not. Instead, it’s a shallow, wide bowl great for rinsing fruit, then holding said fruit.

Here it is, sitting pretty in pink, holding freshly rinsed figs.

Peace and love,


Made in November

A couple pieces of art or craft that have been made in the past couple days.

My favorite washcloth pattern from Purl Bee was gifted to my best friend.

A pottery piece with lots of (ahem) character. I also made a similar shaped one that was gifted to my friend. That one is pink!

More pottery pieces are at home with me, but this one is calling my name today and so I happened to get a photo of it.

Peace and love,


One Piece

Here’s a perfectly imperfect piece of pottery I made recently.

All I want to make is plant pots. I’ll keep trying and hopefully make huge improvements. I’m hypercritical of myself and therefore haven’t completed very many pieces. I continue to sign up for the class so at least I’ll get some practice in every week.