A dinner of sorts after I braved a local restaurant to ask for chips and salsa in my own containers. Of course, they didn’t bat an eye as I asked bashfully. 

To accompany the chips, a super simple spinach salad was made with olive oil, salt, and pepper. The local co-op always has spinach and greens in bulk. 

Dinner is a loose term here, and generally this would make me feel slightly less than organized or healthy, but this created no trash and that’s something I can feel good about.

It’s interesting to me that I snapped a photo of this dinner and not last night’s / today’s lunch of curried lentils with gorgeous Romanesco cauliflower, and a side of homemade wheat & oat bread. After a dish like that, there is little energy left for taking a photo. I’ll try to be more diligent with all my recipes in the future. 

Peace and love,


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