My favorite regional cuisine is Indian. I know there are many variations and regions within Indian food and I enjoy each that I have tried. I talked up a restaurant in Snoqualmie so much, my sister and I made sure we built it into a road trip a few years back.

I made a yellow curry paste and knew I needed to incorporate it into a meal as soon as possible. Yes, there are curry pastes available in glass containers, but I really do enjoy making things myself, and I truly don’t want any more glass jars.

My dahl started with a sautéed onion and a few teaspoons each of coriander, cumin, and yellow mustard seeds. 

 A few cloves of chopped garlic, then some turmeric powder came next. 

I added a few cups of yellow split peas that were soaked overnight. I wanted to make a large amount and use up what I had that was lying around. 

I added water and diced up a couple carrots and tossed those in.

A couple tablespoons of bouillon and curry paste were added and then everything simmered for some time until the lentils broke down a bit. 

That’s when I chopped up the cauliflower and added it to the pot.

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