Perhaps the title of this post doesn’t entice the reader when waste and hair care are juxtaposed so closely. Hair can be glamorous, make one feel beautiful, but it’s also necessary to care for it in some way. This is the way I do it, while being environmentally conscientious.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: I’m not proclaiming I have fabulous hair. It’s quite regular and sometimes on the wild side due to my lazy habits. My hair is long. In fact one of my friends referred to it as “religious long,” which I thought was hilarious. I haven’t dyed my hair in at least 8 years, and the most recent time was because I had friends in cosmetology school and they liked experimenting on my hair. My hair is straight and doesn’t hold curls very well, and while most of my strands are fine, it’s about medium thickness. My favorite way to wear my hair is the slept in braid situation. I’ll wear a side braid all day after washing, sleep in it, and then take it out, brush the tangled bits, then have waves for a few days.

I experimented with water-only hair washing because I have found success with just water for facial washing. I liked it, but I got lazy and the length of my hair seemed to hinder the process.

Meanwhile, a bar of J. R. Liggett’s shampoo soap was sitting, unused, in my soap drain. So, I decided to use that up until I felt confident enough to continue water-only washing. While in the shower or bath I rub the soap down the center of my wet hair then just rub around the scalp a bit. The bar still looks nearly unused and I’ve been using it regularly for about 8 months. Also, I only wash my hair about once a week. When I remember, I pour a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse onto my scalp and just sort of pull it down to the ends of my hair. I rinse some more with water after the vinegar rinse.

I towel dry with a Turkish towel and let air dry for a few minutes, then I squirt a couple pumps of this Dr. Alkaitis oil into my hands and disperse amongst the bottom half of my hair. I live in an extremely dry high desert climate so I need extra help with moisture. 

The oil was purchased before I was pursuing zero waste, and I’m really trying to use it up, but it’s not suitable for my skin for some unknown reason. It has wonderful ingredients, but was too much for my sensitive skin. When I run out, I’ll most likely use avocado or olive oil.

I took these photos while hanging out in my backyard, enjoying the crisp autumn air and sunshine a few weeks ago. Since then I have trimmed my hair using hair cutting scissors. I just take my ends and snip about an inch off and trim as many split ends as I can while sitting in the bright sun. I haven’t been to a salon in nearly four years and that was because of a bangs experiment gone awry. Before that it had been probably about three years. I just enjoy not spending money on a simple task I can do myself because I have an easy hairstyle.

Some things I’ve learned:

Keeping hair brushes clean can make a huge difference in keeping your hair clean. I learned this through the process of learning about how to water only hair wash. I learned via this page.

Natural bristle brushes are important. I use a wood bristle brush because it feels amazing on my scalp and is good for detangling, and a boar bristle brush for dispersing oils through my hair; from my scalp and also what I add in. 

Shampoo bars are economical and make traveling easy. I haven’t tried any other shampoo bars, and I really don’t care to. I like this one, and it comes in a clean paper package. There is RSPO palm oil in it, which is aiding in a sustainable palm oil process. Also, I can find it at my favorite nearby grocery store. I have visited a Lush store, but the ingredients they use are not at all what I am after.

Peace and love,


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