Three years ago my family decided to do a homemade Christmas gift exchange. It was an experience to remember! We spent hours and hours making gifts for each of our family members and it felt nice to spend time rather than simply spending only money. Of course, the gifts required raw materials to purchase, but that was only a small part of the exchange. My mom made each of her daughters a bottle of vanilla extract with about ten vanilla beans in the bottle. It was the most aromatic, tasty vanilla I have ever used!

This week I finally used up the last bit of it and still had the beans left. I didn’t think they would be good to use again for vanilla extract so I found another use for them. I couldn’t simply throw them out because they still smelled divine and looked in good shape. Naturally, I chopped them up into about one inch pieces and tossed them into sugar!


It’s just plain white sugar and I’ll use it next time I want to make something with a seriously vanilla kick to it.


Peace and love,


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